About Us

Texplus Fibres Pvt Ltd. is located in the highly reputed, government approved industrial area of NOIDA near Delhi in India. Duly registered as a Small Scale Industry, the Company has emerged as a progressive and quality oriented manufacturing Unit in fabric based products like camping and adventure equipment, combat kit, survival kit, high-altitude clothing and accessories. We aim to equip our Defence Forces, Para-military forces, mountaineers and adventurers with the best of the equipment. These products must add to the efficiency, comfort and confidence of our teams, commandos and operational units.

The Company is organised with elaborate market research network, highly qualified engineers and professionals, skilled workforce, modern manufacturing technology a well equipped and scientifically advanced laboratory with stringent quality testing norms and on-going R&D.

A panel of senior retired officers from the Armed Forces, Para-military forces and sports world render expert advice on practical aspects of various types of equipment. This also helps us to custom design and develop specific products for specific missions keeping in view the futuristic trends, emerging threats and needs of the Forces and law enforcing agencies in a new security environment.

The Company also has tie-ups with some very internationally reputed global Companies with whom we exchange.

At the Factory premises, each product has to pass through rigorous tests and trials before our R&D standardises it. Once standardised, there is no room for any dilution in the standards of the product.

Although Texplus Fibres itself has large installed capacity for a wide range of our products, our experts continuously study the world market and enlisting healthy business cooperation with the most highly reputed manufacturers in the world is very much part of our strategy to tie-up with the very best and add to mutual growth on a win-win basis.

The Scenario Demands The Very Best!

The era of terror and ever-escalating disaster situations like earth-quakes, floods, landslides, jail-breaks, bomb-blasts and worsening security environment places very serious responsibility on our Army, Security Forces and other law enforcing authorities.

They are all faced with new challenges. India's terrain, climate and ticklish regional problems are peculiar and incomparable with any other country in the world. From the highest battle-field on Earth (Siachin) with mother Nature frozen at temperatures below 40o C to Rajasthan deserts roasting life at temperatures above 48o C from the clammy humid forests in the East to the invisible menace of terror sneaking in almost every state - it is a scenario that has put all systems and Forces under extra-ordinary stress. The need of the hour is the highest Quality at the action-front.

On the positive side, however, there is a spurt in youth adventure activities and some kind of newfound zeal to excel in life. Racing cars, bungee jumps, sky-diving or mountaineering, our youths are poised to prove their mettle to the world. We have the best fighting soldiers and professionally well trained security forces - the most versatile outfit in the world.

Our Product Range:
We are proud to inform you that our product quality has been preferred and accepted by various Commands of the Indian Army, NSG (the elite Black Cat Commandos), Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, BSF, CRPF, ITBP and other Police organisations besides a number of training institutes/Academies. We have supplied to them items like 3-Point Rifle Slings, Ponchos, Rucksacks, Web Belts, Tactical Jackets and so on.

Adventurer's Paraphernalia:
Camping Equipment, Tents, Rucksacks and other Back-packing accessories, Sleeping Bags, Survival Kit, Extreme Cold/Glacial Clothing, Caps, Boots…. For Adventurers, Campers, Hikers, Military Personnel, Mountaineers, Trekkers You name it, we have it or can create it for you!

Military Equipment:
As Fabric Specialists, we bring you Quality and Choice. You cannot expect motivation and success in hazardous missions from the best of the soldiers equipped with second-rate equipment. We design, develop and test each equipment and then offer the same with guarantee for fool-proof performance.

That's explains why our Defence Forces who have tried out a huge range of our products and found them matching the best in the world - perhaps scoring over quite a of them! We are now taking care of a vast range of their needs Tactical Jackets, Sleeping Bags, Ruck-sacks, Cordura Jackets, Utility Pouches, Belts, 3-Pt Rifle Slings, Weapon Holsters, Medical Aid Brief-Cases, Camouflage Nets, Tents, Snow-Goggles, Shatter-proof Goggles, and so on.

Special Equipment:
We have quite a few projects in hand at our R&D Department where work is in full swing to develop cost-effective, light and reliable Glacial Clothing, Bullet proof Jackets, Body Armour, All-weather adaptable body wear etc.

Corporate Gift-Packs & Bags:

The vast range of our products does not end. We also specialise in high-quality Bags, Holsters, Wallets, Hand-bags, Carry-Cases like Lap-top Bags designed and developed to meet specific requirements of manufacturers of variety of products requiring World-class carry cases or, simply Gift Packs for important Delegates to make power impact.

Give us a challenge and we will meet it!